Talking Reflux with Aine Homer

head shot of Aine Homer

Last month I had the pleasure of being joined live on Instagram and Facebook by Aine Homer, aka The Baby Reflux Lady where we discussed all things baby reflux and sleep.

Aine Homer is the voice of unsettled babies, an advocate for silenced parents and an activist for changing how baby reflux is treated across the world.⁠

Her true gifts lie in translating a baby’s symptoms and behaviours into understanding and action. Showing us where to take action, how to free them from reflux and colic, and manage any allergies or intolerance’s.⁠

Aine’s transformation into The Baby Reflux Lady has been a long and painful road which saw her dive deeply into post natal depression.⁠  Between her two girls she has direct experience of colic, reflux, silent reflux, cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA), and multiple other food intolerances and allergies.⁠

Over the last two years Aine has worked with hundreds of families, understanding the underlying causes of each individual baby’s reflux, providing insights and explanations to parents they haven’t been given before and allowing them to take charge of their baby’s suffering, and free them from it.⁠

Her mission is to eradicate baby reflux across the world and to allow all parents to experience the joy that should come with parenthood.⁠

Check out our conversation where we delve into the world of reflux, how this can impact baby sleep and answer some of your questions.

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