Revolutionary Sleep Support For

21st Century Parents

Welcome to the new generation of sleep development – backed by science and lovingly crafted by mother, sleep expert and positive psychology coach, Lucy Shrimpton, developed over a decade of helping parents worldwide.

No need to ‘cry it out’ or stay stuck in fear of ‘getting it wrong’. No need to question whether to sleep train or not to sleep train. The answer is simple, healthy sleep in the modern world requires development (for us all) AND as parents, it is our duty to set our little one’s off to the very best start by supporting their sleep development.

What does that mean?

Do I have to leave my child to cry it out?…No

Do I have to resist picking up and comforting my baby?…No

Will I have to stop breastfeeding?…No, not unless you want to.

You see, sleep development is not something you do to your baby or child, it’s a process that takes place. Just as your little one develops skills like eating solids, walking and talking… With parental or care-giver influence, support and guidance, development takes place.

We’re here to empower you, the parent so that you feel like you are in the driving seat and know how to keep your family sleeping well, long-term.

Ways We Can Help You…

1. Free Resources

Extensive library of videos and articles to support you with every sleep challenge in parenthood!

Learn how to attentively and responsively navigate sleep development without the ‘mum-guilt’!

2. The Sleep Nanny System Book

Your best resource on baby sleep to educate yourself before your baby arrives, navigate sleep as s/he grows and troubleshoot the tricky bits along the way!

Delivered in a manageable and jargon free book that won’t overwhelm you when you’re already exhausted. This is your first and an essential step to understanding how your baby’s sleep works.

Your copy is FREE, you just cover the shipping & handling.

3. Work With A Sleep Nanny Certified Partner

Hire The Services Of Our Sleep Coaches

Every Sleep Nanny Certified Partner has undergone extensive training to not only understand sleep but to be a great coach.

Connect with a Sleep Nanny® today for a chat and get a deeper understanding about your sleep challenges and what will help you to overcome them.

There is no cost to explore this option and your sleep coach will only recommend a sleep coaching package that they deem appropriate.