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We are dedicated to supporting parents and caregivers on their journey to better sleep for their little ones.

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The Gift Of Sleep
(course & products)

The perfect gift for new parents! Get instant access to our New Baby Sleep & Well-Being Course (QR code in the box) along with luxury sleep scented candle and sprtiz spray to create a calm and sleep enducing envirnment for you and your baby.

The Sleep Nanny App

A revolutionary sleep solution in your pocket making sleep expertise accessible for all! Take the assessment on the app to determine the best steps for your family’s sleep and well-being. Get started for free!

Sleep Nanny System

The essential guide for parents who want a scientificaaly backed yet soulful approach to supporting their little one to develop healthy sleep for the long-term. This is a must have ‘sleep manual’ teaching you how to tailor your parenting to your unique little one.