Sleep Talking with Ashley Wilson @amothersedit

sleep talking with the sleep nanny podcast picture

This week I am Sleep Talking with Ashley Wilson, Instagram star and founder of the fashion and lifestyle site.  She is mum to 2 beautiful girls Vivienne and Margot.

Ashley started her successful website and Instagram when her eldest daughter was just one, and has since loved growing it into the fashionable mothers online resource for beauty tips and tricks, travel, health and shopping.

We had a timely chat as Ashley is currently having a few battles with her youngest daughter, Margot (3) who is reluctant to ditch her dummy, we talk about the challenges this brings and how difficult it is to stick to your guns – as when you’ve made the decision to ditch it – there really is no going back!!

We also discussed;

  • Nap changes during the lock-down.
  • The ‘sleep tank’ and when to top this up.
  • Homeschooling challenges
  • And the consequences of making comparisons….

It was a delight to talk to Ashley, we are so grateful that she made the time to take part in this series – check it out now!

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