Putting A Young Baby Down For Sleeps

Babies are so used to the comfort, warmth, compact space and white noise sounds of being inside mummy’s tummy, it is no wonder they are not happy about being placed down in a still, quiet and empty sleep space.

On top of this, they have no idea how to ‘put themselves to sleep’ as this is a learned skill which they will develop in time.

We cannot expect a baby to suddenly accept being ‘put down’ for a sleep when all she has known is sleeping on you. But likewise, we know it cannot stay this way for years so we need to make a gradual transition at some stage.

But when and how?

What can you do to help your baby sleep soundly and work towards being able to place her down in her own sleep space rather than always sleeping on you?

In this episode we look at practice and how you can gently build up her ability to be content when put down for a sleep.

You can watch it here now.

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