5a.m Wakings No Matter What I Do!

What can you do when you have tried all combinations of earlier to bed, later to bed, more sleep in the day, less sleep in the day and still, your child is waking at 5a.m!?

Firstly, don’t resort to the assumption that your child just wakes early. Do not be fooled into thinking that is just when he is ready to start the day.

Your child can sleep until at least 6a.m

Once we can see what is causing these early starts, we can then work on resolving them. It may be a combination of things too and often, it is not obvious or is counterintuitive.

This is why so many of us get tripped up by this problem but it is surprising easy to resolve (when you know how).

Take a look at this episode of The Sleep Nanny® show where we share 5 tips for solving this mystery.

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