Business Support forSleep Coaches

You became a sleep consultant to transform the lives of sleep deprived families and help them to live happier and healthier lives because you knew they could be enjoying parenthood more and raising little one’s to thrive!

We see you. It’s one of the most rewarding roles you can have and for some it comes so easy, while for others, the business side of things is new and daunting.

Your success as a sleep coach, whether you trained with us in Sleep Nanny Academy® or elsewhere, is part of our bigger vision. We are all about collaboration over competition and we want to see you become super successful because that means you’re making a big difference in the world!

Mentored by the only sleep expert who is also a certified positive psychology coach and business strategist, you are in elite hands with Lucy Shrimpton to guide you to success.

If you’re ready to unleash you inner brilliance and make more happen for you and your business, explore the options below.

Are you ready for your next level?

Online Training

Skyrocket Your Sleep Coaching Business: Get more confidence, Get more clients. Get better results!

One-Off 1:1 Coaching

Join me 1-0n-1 for a business intensive! We will create your winning marketing strategy and unblock your mind for success

Business Coaching

Want to go faster? Access world class one-to-one mentorship along with a mastermind of exceptional sleep coaches

Unsure What You Need?

Let’s have a chat and figure out your game-plan!

Revenue Boosts:

“This has been a fantastic £4K fortnight! Without the Accelerator programme, I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far”

Consistent Clients:

“The accelerator program has taught me far more about how to successfully scale my business than I ever could have imagined. Now I have consistent clients booking in and a successful business”.

Mindset Shifts:

BOOM! Package sold! I’ve realised that as soon as I change my focus, I seem to get a sale.