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Fully Accredited Training in Sleep, Coaching and Business as a Sleep Nanny® Certified Partner (Franchise). Start and Build Your Successful Sleep Coaching Business with Complete Confidence and Without the Expensive Mistakes

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“Becoming a sleep consultant has completely enhanced my life. I’m a better wife, a better mum AND I’m helping others”

– Eileen Macdonald

Why Franchise over going solo?

According to the latest data a staggering 80% of independent startups fail within five years while 80% of franchises are still going strong after 5 years!

The reason a franchise is a smarter move and sees 80% still operating after 5 years is because it is a proven business model with an operations manual which you follow and it works! It is tried and tested, and has been packaged up in a way that it can be replicated by the franchisee.

Becoming a Sleep Nanny Certified Partner is your ticket
to a successful sleep coaching business that you own while using an established and trusted brand and the systems, processes and team already in place for you.

As a Sleep Nanny Certified Partner

You will have rights to sell our products and generate additional revenue for your business.

We are continually developing luxury products to support our customers.

Your business card is shipped out with every product you sell to generate warm leads. As they digest the book or enjoy the product you will be ready to support them.

Why You’ll Be Successful

People are no longer patients, they’re consumers, and there are no signs of this slowing down as we outpace pre-pandemic growth.

Meet Our Founder

Lucy Shrimpton

The world’s only sleep & positive psychology coach and bespoke business mentor for sleep coaches. Lucy brings a decade of sleep industry expertise, having trained around 300 sleep coaches in 23 countries around the world. She knows what differentiates a striving vs a successful sleep coach.

Meet The Sleep Nannies!

Our team of sleep coach franchisees are like a sisterhood!

Starting your own business is exciting but can quickly become quite lonely… but not when you become a Sleep Nanny® partner!

You will be surrounded by like minded people who share the same vision and mission. We pride ourselves on the incredible community we have built. A community that lifts you, holds you, drives you and celebrates with you…. we are the sleep nanny collective.

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Sleep Nanny Coaches Say...

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We have done all that hard work, so you dont have to! We have invested multiple six figures over the past decade to refine a sleep consulting business that works.

You get to fast forward and step straight into a globally trusted brand with a business in a box that gives you immediate visibility and leverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a ‘Business Format Franchise’ so you are buying your own Sleep Nanny® business. The training is everything you would get from a comprehensive training course and SO much more. Certificates and knowledge are worthless without a solid business and marketing strategy.

Building a sleep coaching business alone will take a lot of resources, particularly time and money! Fast track with a proven business model, robust infrastructure and a trusted brand to offer the most professional products and services in the industry!

You’ll have your own business which offers flexibility, freedom and fulfilment. You get to set and meet your income goals by doing something that has meaning and gives you purpose while being able to work around family, children and the life you want.

We have created a scaleable, recurring revenue business model for you to roll out so the possibility to earn a lucrative monthly income working part or full time has never been more doable!

Our former academy students have made a full return on their investment within 2 months and gone on to earn £6,000+ months. Graduates often report how being in our community has aided their self development on every level and how much they LOVE the work they get to do as a sleep consultant.

We have opened the Certified Partner opportunity for the first time in 2023 with many sleep coaches in our community (both new starters and well-established) signing up saying “this is a total no-brainer”

Our training will help you to feel confident in your skills and knowledge, as well as provide you with the support and the community to allow you to feel held for the lifetime of your business journey.

Earning your accredited certificate is just one part of training as a Sleep Nanny Certified Partner. We will help you to master your marketing and sales skills to ensure your business is a success. You can also up-level with advanced training and opportunities for business expansion.

The worldwide sleep economy was valued at around $432 billion US dollars in 2019. This sector is expected to be valued at $585 billion by 2024. More families are seeking support for their little ones’ sleep and the coaching industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world – According to research, it is set to reach $25billion by 2025 with an average 7% annual growth rate!


An established and trusted brand founded by a uniquely positioned sleep, business and positive psychology coach with proven models and frameworks to create successful sleep coaching businesses.

Lucy Shrimpton has coached and mentored hundreds of sleep consultants in 23+ countries around the world. She knows how to create and grow a profitable sleep coaching business and her results speak for themselves.

The Sleep Nanny® has an incredible team behind them and, as a Sleep Nanny Certified Partner, YOU get to benefit from that team too! We have created something unparalleled and unstoppable for you to become part of!

Once you become a Sleep Nanny Certified Partner, our team will walk you through the onboarding process. You will have access to your business suite and training area where you can work through everything you need to gain your accredited certificate in sleep consulting.

We will continue to walk you through the steps to launch your new business and work alongside you as you grow. You get to be part of The Sleep Nanny® Collective, an inspirational community of believers and achievers!

Step 1 – Get a copy of our Franchise Brochure now.

Step 2 – Application

Step 3 – Compatibility Call

Step 4 – If accepted, deposit, agreements and due diligence

Step 5 – Enrolment

This opportunity is for those who are serious about having a successful sleep coaching business. Your commitment, drive, passion and integrity are essential whether you want to run a part-time business, work around school hours or be open all hours!

This is not for someone wanting to dabble in sleep coaching.

There is everything to gain if you are the right fit so digest our brochure for further details and get access to the application form.

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