Hey I'm Zainab Momoh

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK, Nigeria & All locations.

Hi, I’m Zainab

I remember one of the terrible nights when my then 2 months old baby had been up all night. She was crying, clearly exhausted but unable to settle to sleep. I was doing all the usual things, feeding, rocking, walking but nothing was working! At ~4am, I took her out in her stroller out of desperation, hoping the fresh air will help her settle better.

Unfortunately, it didn’t. As I was pushing her stroller, I imagined & wished there was someone out there who knew what they were doing, who could guide me step by step on what to do to help my baby sleep happily.

Few weeks later I found a paediatric sleep consultant. I worked with her and within just 2 weeks, my baby was sleeping so much better. I couldn’t believe it and the methods were gentle too. This was how I got introduced into the world of paediatric sleep consultants, so I took the opportunity to train to become one so that I could help other young families too.

You see I was starting to have symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety and I knew I had to seek help at that point, otherwise the situation would have gotten worse. Thankfully, I picked this up quickly enough as I am also a medical doctor specialised in Psychiatry. I have worked closely with mothers with mental health problems in the perinatal period so I knew how severely sleep deprivation could affect our mental health.

Since starting my journey to become a sleep consultant, I have come across many more young families who have shared with me their own experiences of poor sleep and its negative effects on their mental & physical health, as well as their relationships, career, businesses & even threats of harm to their finances or safety.

I want to encourage you, please don’t suffer in silence. Please get in touch today and let’s get your family sleeping soundly so that you can optimise your wellbeing and functioning.