Hey I'm Victoria Souter

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK Wide

‘When you lie down, you will not be afraid, when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.’ (Proverbs)

Hi, I am Victoria a certified sleep consultant helping babies and children from 4 months to 6 years get the sleep that they, and their families, need.

Experience As A Mother
Having experienced sleep challenges with both my children, I know how horrific a lack of sleep is for the whole family. I remember sitting holding my son through the night, reading every book available about baby sleep, but feeling none the wiser about what to do. My daughter was fed to sleep for hours because she was sick after a few minutes of crying.

So What Did I Do?
In the end I hired a sleep consultant (or four in total!) wasting money and causing more tears and stress. I discovered a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Professional Experience And Qualifications
I wanted to use my personal experience to help parents like you. I gained professional training with The Sleep Nanny Training Academy – qualifying with top marks. This combined with my professional experience of working with families with a variety of sleep problems means I am well qualified to help you with whatever challenge you might be facing.

How I Work
What I desire is to provide you with the benefits I found from having someone come along side me and support me through the process of helping my little ones learn to sleep well. I found the benefit of having someone to talk to who understood the situation I was facing, and knew what I should do, made all the difference.

Listening – Firstly, I will listen to you to understand what is really going on with your child’s sleep.
Personal Plan – I will create a sleep plan just for you which will be a simple and gentle step by step guide.
Ongoing Support – It won’t be a daunting process because every step of the way I will be there to encourage and support you through calls, texts and emails. You will see the results you desire really quickly!

What I Can Help With
I have experience in a wide variety of sleep challenges including –

Early rising
Inability to self-settle
Feeding to sleep dependency
Siblings sharing a room
Sleep disturbances
Bed hopping
Regular night waking
Daytime nap problems
Bedtime battles
Sleep and bedtime anxiety
Ditching the dummy
Just imagine settling your little one to bed at night and leaving them to go to sleep peacefully, cosy and safe in their bed. You know that they will sleep well all night and you can have the undisturbed restorative sleep that you need too. This picture is how it can be for you when I create a personalised, clear plan and provide you with the support you need to do it.

I would absolutely love to help you and your little one have better sleep. To have a quick 15 minute no obligation chat with me about your sleep problems, and learn how I can resolve them, please click on the link above or call me.

Together we can make sleep challenges a distant memory!

Victoria x