Hey I'm Vi Davidson

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK

Welcome to  V & Me Early Years Coaching & Sleep Consultancy.

As you can probably guess, I’m Vi!

I would like to introduce myself. I am passionate about children! I love them, have a huge empathy for them, relate to them and want to help them achieve the best in life. Related to this are, of course, you: the parents. I am here to help you in any way I can; be it
sleep coaching, potty training, behavioural issues, learning through play, numbers/letters, fun activities that develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills, confidence building, school readiness – anything. I want to collaborate with you in order to empower you so that you can have a happy, relaxed family life.

Why should you listen to me? Well, I have been involved with children since 1984 when I helped raise my baby sister. After qualifying with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, I was not satisfied. Something was missing. I remembered how happy I was helping out at my sister’s nursery during uni holidays.

This inspired me to study and obtain a Montessori Diploma. This then led to teaching Montessori to the children (for 20 + years!), lecturing Montessori to prospective teachers, as well as raising my own twin girls.

The battles I had getting my twins to sleep through the night (which took the first 2 years!), and the countless children I helped get to sleep at school, created an interest in infant and children’s sleep. This resulted in me becoming an Infant and Child Sleep  Consultant. I use gentle methods and look at the whole picture before giving advice.

I have done hours and hours of Continuing Professional Development courses throughout my years in childcare covering a vast range of topics from Encouraging Positive Behaviour to Children and Young People’s Mental Health. Through all of this I have  accumulated a ton of knowledge and experience (and a good few tips and tricks!) that I want to pass along to make your and your child’s experience as enjoyable and painless as possible.

I know how hard it can be on this parenting journey. You want to do the best for them, but you are not sure what that is. You are exhausted from lack of sleep. Your friends are doing things differently. Are you doing something wrong? The internet gives you all kinds of conflicting information. What should you be doing?

Well, this is where I would like to help. You will find me personable, easy to talk to, non-judgmental and only interested in finding the best solution for you and your family.

Whether you just want advice, need some help tackling an issue, need specific help with a bespoke personalized care plan, I am the one to speak to. Reach out to me now and let’s have a chat to see what we can do to make your home a happier place!