Hey I'm Stephanie Farrell

Certified Sleep Consultant - Auckland New Zealand

Hello I’m Steph! Often known as Albie and Marlie’s Mummy.
Having started ‘adult’ life out as a private nanny for almost 8 years, working with children and families has always been my passion. I then went on to study my degree in Child Psychology, being able to relate my studies to my experiences prior and having those light bulb ‘Ah ha’ moments were great.

Now came my own family, I thought, right I’ve got this, between my nannying, being a step mum and my studies this will be a doddle. Nothing, I mean nothing prepared me for the sleep deprivation I experienced as a mummy. I was 3 months in to first time motherhood when I fell pregnant with my second little boy and that was when I knew I had to make a change with our sleep situation. I haven’t looked back, but neither has the whole family as the lack of sleep wasn’t just impacting me it was impacting my whole family.

When my second came along and we had navigated through the first few months with reflux and colic throwing some extra curve balls, I decided it was time to re train through the Sleep Nanny Academy and now I’m Steph, Albie & Marlie’s mummy but also Steph the Sleep Consultant of Steph’s Super Sleepers.

Often the first step is the hardest but I’m here to help you past the first and through the next. On a mission to work with parents to show them that you don’t have to ‘just accept’ and muddle through with little/ no sleep.