Hey I'm Sonal Dhokia

Certified Sleep Consultant - All Locations

Mum to three beautiful girls and a Sleep Consultant. The inspiration for my business Silver Lining Sleep Consulting came from the struggles we experienced with our youngest, who was quite the sleep thief!

As parent’s we know life changes irreversibly when we have children. You can forget clock changes mean an additional hour in bed and let’s be honest, 7am begins to look quite good as the new lie in on the rare occasion it happens.

My youngest was born just before the first lockdown. I spent my maternity leave at home with a new born and two little ones to home school whilst my partner continued to go into work for the NHS. It was tough, add sleep deprivation on top and it almost broke me. I understand what it feels like to be carrying on one day at a time. I’m here to help you so you don’t have to struggle through it alone.

I am passionate about helping families get the joy of sleep back! A happy well rested family means having more energy to spend with your little ones in the day. It means more me time and couple time in the evenings and better health for everyone.

If sleep is an issue in your house, then I can offer you my expertise and personal experience to guide and support you. I create gentle sleep solutions that are truly bespoke to the child and family I’m working with. I have a 100% success rate and the best bit? I help you lay the groundwork so we can work from a place of secure attachment. No ‘cry-it-out’. Together we can gently and effectively help your child to learn the skill of self settling quickly! Whatever the sleep challenges are we can work through them together.

I’ve been there and I’m here for you. You can talk to me without judgement. Please book in a free 15min evaluation call with me and let’s take that first step together.