Hey I'm Sam Poulton

Certified Sleep Consultant - All Locations

Sleep deprived and exhausted? Struggling to function? On the brink of tears or anxiety every night? Hoping tonight will be different? Wondering how much longer you can go on like this? Feeling guilt and shame for not being able to cope? I hear you and you are not alone.

I’m Sam, and this is exactly where I was before I trained to become a certified child sleep consultant. For months, I was sleeping on the floor of my daughter’s nursery in my dressing gown, with my arm wedged between the cot bars, because rubbing her belly was the only way I could get her back to sleep when she woke every 45 minutes. THIS was my very first case, my very first success story and the proof I needed to see that the system works. The best bit was the proven client cases which followed, from parents who were as elated as I had been when they saw the results they’d been so desperate for.

If your little one is suffering any of the following, get in touch with me today for a free 15-minute evaluation call:

Wakeful nights | Early morning rising | Feeding/holding/rocking/stroking to sleep | Crying when you leave the room | Nap resistance | Regularly getting out of bed | Co-sleeping | Ditching the dummy | Night terrors

I offer a range of bespoke 1-2-1 packages which are tailored not just to your situation, but specifically to your little one.

Sleep deprivation takes its toll on our physical and mental health, drives relationships apart, can result in poor performance at work, but most worryingly, put our baby’s health and wellbeing at risk. I’ve been a geeky lover of sleep science for a few years now, even before becoming a mum. The disturbing, proven findings of sleep deprivation in both children and adults are what ultimately drove me to not simply ‘fix’ my own situation, but to focus my whole career on raising awareness and helping as many people as I can out of this darkness. I truly believe there are enough awful things to test us in life which are out of our control, child sleep issues should not be one of them.