Hey I'm Sam Engel

Certified Sleep Consultant - London based but can help All Locations

Hi I’m Sam and am a certified baby and child sleep consultant.

I started on this journey after struggling with sleepless nights with my own daughter and feelings of helplessness. I made all the common sleep blunders and knowing what I now know, I wish I had taken the plunge and sought advice from a Sleep Consultant. Overtiredness and confusion after Googling and reading books with conflicting advice pretty much got me nowhere!

So after a wonderful career as cabin crew with BA I decided to completely change direction, and trained with one of the worlds leading child sleep experts Lucy Shrimpton – The Sleep Nanny.

So here I am now in a job so incredibly rewarding making a huge difference in families lives.

Your child and family all deserve consistent restorative sleep and restful nights. Sleep deprivation can have such a detrimental effect on relationships as well as a child’s well being.

I offer loving , gentle and responsive sleep solutions and do not advocate the ‘cry it out’ method.

I will work with you to create a unique and gentle plan to suit both you as parents, and your child’s unique temperament to find a solution that you are comfortable with. Once you are confident with the way forward, I will gently coach you 1 to 1 and guide you through each step of the way reaching your specific goals.

Some of the common sleep challenges I offer solutions to are:

Bedtime settling
Rocking/holding/feeding to sleep
Frequent night waking
Early rising
Night weaning
Nap struggles and transitions
Ditching the dummy
Bed hopping
Transitioning to a big bed
Moving out of parents room

So if you have any questions about your little one, concerns or simply would like to chat please get in contact. I would love to help you.

Sam x