Hey I'm Radha Patel

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK

Dreaming of a good night’s sleep? Are you frustrated at constantly feeling tired? Trust me I have been there, so allow me to help you overcome your issues.

My name is Radha Patel. I am a mother, part time dentist and a certified sleep consultant for babies and children. When my little one was born, nothing could have prepared me for the endless sleepless nights. I was told that this happens to everyone, and ‘it’ll get better with time’ but I just couldn’t cope. I was constantly spending time reading material from websites and from numerous books. They were all encouraging me to attempt different techniques for my baby girl, but we were still facing big challenges. As a result, I became intrigued and enthusiastic about learning about the importance of sleep for a child. I decided to join the sleep nanny academy to become a certified sleep consultant and was taught how to sleep train my daughter correctly.

I have always had a passion and empathy towards helping others, through my health care background. I would like to take this opportunity to impart my sleep training knowledge to help your family. The knowledge and skills I gained from sleep training was life changing and it fills me with joy to know I can provide the gift of sleep to other families that may be struggling with these challenges.

My aim is to provide gentle and bespoke packages, tailored to suit your child’s needs. I want you and your family to get to that point where you can get into bed at night knowing you have a full night’s sleep ahead. Your bespoke package will equip you with the knowledge and skills to tackle future challenges such as encountering certain illnesses, teething issues and even travel concerns. We can have your little ones reaching their sleep goals in no time.

I’d love to chat to you so please arrange a free discovery call to discuss your sleep worries.