Hey I'm Matilda Murback

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK

Hi I’m Matilda founder of Nordic Slumber – sleep consultancy.

Are you struggling to see clearly and can’t seem to find the answer to why your little one isn’t a good sleeper? Sleep deprivation can be detrimental and may be the cause of daily issues in your
family life. We are human after all and we do need a good night’s sleep.

I offer bespoke plans based on your little ones personal needs. My coaching is supportive and flexible with a compassionate approach.

My interest in sleep started as a teenager when I was writing an essay on Dreams. I have since then always delved into books and conversations, learning the science of sleep. Before becoming
a parent sleep was however never a problem for me.

When I became a mum I soldiered on thinking that, at some point it will get easier and my little one will sleep through the night. I gathered a lot of information and tried lots of things along the
way. But nothing lasted. I waited until my son was 3 years old until I contacted a sleep consultant myself. And I cannot believe how easy my life became! The best thing I ever did!

After experiencing this hands on, my decisions was that I wanted to help more families out there, find the same solutions and results.

Don’t wait as long as I did! Contact me today for a free discovery call, where we can discuss the best way forward for you and your family.