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Certified Sleep Consultant - Staffordshire & Costa Blanca

My name is Marie and I am a Certified Sleep Consultant and mummy to a cheeky little boy called Albie.

I have experienced the never ending crying from silent reflux and the night after night wake ups that seemed to go on forever, until you just start to accept that this is your life now. But I’m sat here writing this thinking is that the only reason I’m here and truthfully I don’t think that it is.

I grew up with a disabled sister and she is my main inspiration in life. She taught me to always be happy and positive no matter what life throws at you. I think that’s what I can offer you as a sleep consultant. No matter how much doubt you have and however much you feel like giving up, I will always be the positive support that you need, to get you and your little one through this and make a success of the process. Believing is half the battle and with me by your side YOU CAN DO THIS!

I offer unlimited weekly packages so you can have as many calls, texts and emails as you need*, as I believe that together we can get the most from your sleep nanny experience.

*Please see my welcome document for further details.