Hey I'm Lisa Secular

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK

Hi I’m Lisa

And up until my child was 2 years old, I thought I’d ‘cracked’ the napping and bedtime routine. When this suddenly and dramatically changed, I was exhausted!!!
Being then a single parent with a full-time job, I was desperate. I started spending hours a night in my child’s bedroom trying to get her to sleep, and often falling asleep there myself! I started allowing late night co-sleeping and plenty of other unwanted habits because I was tired and couldn’t function!
Sound familiar?
It didn’t take long to realise in my desperation for sleep I was making things worse and providing very short-term fixes to a problem that was getting bigger and more ingrained into our day to day lives. I trawled the internet for hours at a time looking for a solution.
Again sounds familiar?
I kept coming up with the same two answers worded differently on each page or site I visited. The ‘cry it out until they sleep’ approach which I was not comfortable with and the ‘step by step, one size fits all, generic plan’, which my very wilful toddler just wouldn’t follow!
I then stumbled upon Child Sleep Consultants/Coaches. I researched it, I implemented it and I was so impressed by the results that I decided to train, study and become a Child Sleep Consultant myself to pass my knowledge onto other desperate families.
One in four children will have problems with their sleep in one form or another at some point.
Why have I told you all this information? Because now you’ve read it you will understand that
Which in turn will get you, your little one and your family back to peaceful, restful nights and happy, healthy days.