Hey I'm Ksenija Popovic

Certified Sleep Consultant - Serbia & Balkans region
I am a health food specialist, having my own blog and several magazine features and a plethora of recipes. I have dedicated my life to people’s health and wellbeing, taking on a holistic approach. The next obvious step for me was to focus on babies and children, not only their food intake but also their overall well-being. Hence, I became a fully certified sleep consultant as I can truly understand the physical and mental effects a lack of sleep can have on someone, having experienced it myself.
My experience is vast- having consulted and successfully worked with families from all walks of life, from across the globe, in particular Serbia. I work with families to gently ease their babies and children, from newborns to six year olds, into a healthy sleep pattern. As sleep is vital for their emotional and cognitive development, I am determined to help babies have a good, sound night’s sleep.
I cover topics such as nap extensions, multiple night awakenings, feeding/rocking to sleep, transfer from co-sleeping to their own cot and many more.
My method is gentle and personalised as each baby and family are unique and have a different family rhythm. I believe each child deserves to sleep well, with adequate guidance, advice and support.
If you are ready to address the sleep challenges in your home and work towards a restful night’s sleep, I would love to hear from you so we could work together on this new journey.