Hey I'm Keri Rock

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK


I’m Keri, a certified sleep consultant and Holistic Health Coach. I  live in Dorset with my husband and two gorgeous and chaotic children, Fraser (2) and Grace (1). They certainly keep me on my toes. Becoming a Mum has been the most incredible journey, it is also by far the most exhausting, challenging yet rewarding thing that I have ever experienced.

I developed PTSD after a very traumatic birth with my first, which due to his reflux and my sleep deprivation soon developed into Postnatal Depression. I developed chronic over tiredness from the lack of sleep and every facet of my life was affected. I know firsthand the effects of sleep deprivation and knew I wanted to support parents to help the whole family get the sleep we all need to thrive.

As a health coach with a degree in Psychology and Business I know the vital importance of sleep for our overall health and wellbeing, it really is a need to have not a nice to have. The same goes for children, they need the optimal amount of sleep to develop and grow properly.

I work closely with each family to create a bespoke sleep plan that is as unique as your child and family. Every child is different and so it makes sense that there is no one size fits all approach to sleep. I ensure parents feel empowered to tackle any sleep challenges they are faced with, both now and in the future.

Why not book a free 45 minute consultation with me to see where I can support you – your future self will thank you.

I look forward to supporting you and your family on your journey to better sleep.