Hey I'm Joanna Lukowska

Certified Sleep Consultant - Nottinghamshire

Hi there, my name is Joanna and I am a certified sleep consultant from Nottingham.

How can I help you?

Whilst I am sure you will want to know how I can help you and more about what I do differently, however this is how it starts, it starts with you, your baby and your family.

My passion is people, families, happiness and now also sleep!

Nobody teaches you how to be a parent, or how to get your baby or child to sleep and the reason for this, is that we all live differently and what suits one family may not suit another. This is exactly how my sleep solutions work. We work together getting a better understanding of your family and your situation and find a solution that suits you best.

Being a mother myself, I understand the stresses of sleep deprivation and the implications it has on families. I understand the stress of being in the unknown and feeling mentally drained. Giving birth during the 2020 pandemic added more stress to this and also the feeling of being alone and completely solo.

Some of my clients see improvements within days, some it takes a little longer as we need to consider the factors and crutches that may be in place and that’s ok! I recognise that every child is different and every situation is different. My goal is to ensure your sleep goals are achieved and it doesn’t matter how long it takes. Whether that be just having your child sleep through the night, or perhaps you don’t want your childing waking at 5am thinking it’s play time. I will invest my time with you so that you can invest your time doing the things you love.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.