Hey I'm Jo Tamcken

Certified Sleep Consultant & Registered Health Visitor - UK

I’m a mother of 2 boys and a qualified child sleep consultant. I have had an amazing and rewarding 25 years of experience helping children and families of various ages, working as a Health Visitor in the lovely County of Berkshire, where I am based.

During this time, I have seen so many families and friends struggling with sleep and have witnessed the impact it can have on the quality of family life at a time when parents should be enjoying those precious years with their children.

Having had my own children, I also know what sleep deprivation is and I love my bed!

I enjoy meeting people and being able to make a difference to them, helping to improve relationships within the home through structure, boundaries, and good routines. I have an extensive knowledge of infant feeding and weaning, child development, behaviour issues, family dynamics and mental health, so will be able to look holistically at your child and help address their sleep needs in a way that is just right for them….and you!

I am here to support you in helping your child to learn the skill of sleep in a gentle, responsive, and sensitive way that gets results fast.
So, why not book your free 30-minute discovery call with me today and take the first step towards getting the sleep you deserve.