Hey I'm Izi Parmar

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK

I’m Izi, mama to boy/girl toddler twins, who are my inspiration for becoming a sleep consultant. My twins were born just before the first UK lockdown, we were struggling with long sleepless nights, spending what felt like the entire day getting them to nap with little success. To top it off any support and groups available to new mothers had all been taken away leaving me feeling a little lost.. Sleep deprivation is so difficult, but having to look after children whilst sleep deprived was truly a challenge. After spending hours researching online, trawling through books & articles and speaking to friends & family – I then found sleep consulting and Lucy Shrimpton’s training programme.

Sleep is vital to us, and even more so to our little ones as their developing brains need lots of time to refresh and recharge. As a certified sleep consultant I am able to provide you with the support and tools needed to ensure your little ones and you get the sleep you all need. My methods are gentle and bespoke tailored to suit you and your child, and I’m here to guide you through your journey to a restful night’s sleep. Upon completion of our plan, you’ll be left feeling empowered and equipped with all the right tools to ensure those restful nights continue.

I have extensive experience in guiding families through many sleep challenges, these include – early rising, frequent night wakes, ditching the dummy, removing sleep associations such as fed or rocked to sleep, night time wanderings and bed hopping, transitioning to their own room, cot to bed transitions and nap struggles.

For more information why not get in touch and arrange a free 45 minute discovery call and let’s begin the journey to a restful night’s sleep together.