Hey I'm Hayley Firman

Psychology Specialist - The Midlands

Hi, I am Hayley and I am a Certified Sleep Consultant. My work is my passion and with an extensive background in The Psychology of Sleep I am a behaviour expert that understands sleep as a learnt trait – something that together we can teach your Little One, starting today.

I am a dynamic, intuitive and caring professional (as well as a mommy) who can bring my skills and experience to serve you and help make long standing and life changing actions today – what is more I can help you do this FAST.

Before moving into this career, I experienced Sleep Training with my own sleepless child- I know how it feels! The experience we had as a family really was life changing so I am blessed to be able to pay this extremely positive experience forward. My son Milo fought sleep for 12 months but after the process he now sleeps through the night and naps like clockwork in the day. So, believe me- there is hope and making this first step to contact me means that change is just on the horizon for you too. How exciting!

I live in the Midlands but consult for families both nationally and internationally; providing a full 2-week Sleep Transformation package at competitive rates! Within my programme I address all aspects of sleep and build your little one a bespoke sleep plan with ongoing and essential 1:1 parent support. I am a problem solver and some of my best results have been in the following:-

  • not sleeping in general
  • cat napping
  • bed hopping
  • transitioning to big bed
  • early rising
  • travel and time zone transitions
  • twins and duplicates
  • nap transitions
  • ditching the dummy.

I am proud to say I have a 100% success rate in sleep transformations and believe that whatever your little one’s sleep challenges may be, there is a solution. My techniques are gentle and reassuring; using an evidential, non-judgmental, person-centred approach.

Did you know….

We spend around 1/3 of our lives asleep (best to get it right!)
Gifted and highly intelligent children are more likely to experience sleep challenges.

Quality sleep is essential for children to retain memory, grow and maintain strong immunity.

Sleep really is the foundation to a fully functioning, safe and happy life – the key to regaining balance and harmony. So, if you are struggling with your child’s sleep challenges; if bedtime has become chaotic and nap time non- existent, if you have no routine or structure to your day – then pick up the phone for a free, friendly 15 minute chat with me today.

Don’t worry, we’ll have your little one sleeping and happiness will be restored before you know it!

Sleep Nanny x