Hey I'm Fiona Hayward

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK

Hi! I am Fi, a Certified Sleep Consultant and Mum of two.

Prior to becoming a Mum, I studied Early Childhood and Sociology at University and went on to
become a Private Family Nanny in London for 7 years. Throughout this time, sleep had always really
interested me, little did I know that once I had my own children, it would become my obsession!

While on maternity leave with my second baby, I enrolled on the Sleep Nanny Academy Course and
what I have learnt is fascinating. There is always a way to improve your child’s sleep, which in turn
will make your life and sleep so much better.

Whether your child is struggling with bedtime, inconsistent day time naps or early rising, there will
always be a solution. With a little help, before you know it, your child’s sleep and your sleep will be
back on track, and you will all feel much happier and healthier.

It is easy to feel lost and alone when you are so sleep deprived and you cannot see a way out, I know
how you are feeling and I am here to help. Book your FREE 15 minute discovery call with me today
and we can chat all things sleep and the next step towards solving the issues your little one is having.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Fi x