Hey I'm Fiona Boyle

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK
Most importantly I am a mum of three little ones 🙂 I am also a Teacher and prior to this I studied Early Childhood Studies and Sociology at University.

Throughout this time babies, children and their early development were always an interest of mine. Little did I know that once I had my own kids, sleep and the effects a lack of it can have on a child’s development became my obsession! I understand the frustration and upset of needing help with your little ones sleep but with the multitude of well-meaning advice and different opinions not knowing where to turn or what approach to take. I don’t want parents and little ones struggling with a lack of sleep; it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be that way. I am looking forward to working alongside families to help resolve your little ones sleep challenges in a calm and supportive manner.


My ethos is gentle, responsive and designed to enable the best sleep possible for each family.


I fully appreciate that I am working with you at a vulnerable stage of life with your most precious little one. I want you to leave the experience with the confidence,  knowledge and understanding of how to support your unique little one in any sleep challenges you might face and obviously get that blissful nights sleep!


I look forward to hearing from you