Hey I'm Ewa Wosik

Sleep Consultant - Worldwide

Hi, I’m Ewa, mum of 1 and a Certified Baby and Child Coach with a mission to support families in ending the sleep deprivation and bringing back the peaceful nights! I also have a background in Early Years where I worked over a decade. As an experienced early years educator, I understand children’s individuality and development and I strongly believe that every child is unique and needs approach that suited for him. I feel passionate about the importance of good quality sleep for children that supports their development and enables them to reach their full potential.

My passion about sleep and its theories was born in 2018 when I gave birth to my son. As a first time mum I quickly realised how the lack of sleep had a huge impact on wellbeing and health of my family. Sleepless nights and clueless searching for the information on the internet has inspired me to learn more about the sleep, its importance, impact on families and the effective solutions that are caring and supporting child’s emotional wellbeing.
When back to work after maternity leave and speaking to the parents at the nursery where I worked, I quickly realised that there are many parents just like me going through sleep challenges with no simple answer to what is the right solution to end it. This is where the idea of becoming a professional sleep consultant was born; to help families just like you and me to end unnecessary sleep deprivation and help our children to sleep better!

I am believer that SLEEPING HOUSE is a HAPPY HOUSE and I truly love bringing the peaceful nights to the families! Our children need a sleep to grow and develop while us parents need it to restore our body and mind to have more energy to give our children what they need the most during the day, our time and attention. Therefore, I am here to help you and your family to bring back a well needed sleep!

I am caring, gentle, and easy to talk person with no judgment practice. I also believe that you are the BEST EXPERT in your child. I use my extensive background in Early Years and sleep expertise to create a gentle sleep plan designed to suit your family and your child’s personality. Only by working together we can achieve the best result in supporting your little one’s sleep! Your child can become a BETTER SLEEPER. STARTING TODAY. You can get a well deserved sleep that is so important for your well-being.

Please book in a FREE Discovery Call with me to talk about sleep challenges you are facing and how I can help you in achieving your goals.

Warm wishes,