Hey I'm Dipna Shah

Certified Sleep Consultant - All Locations

I am a mother and a fully qualified sleep consultant. My background is that I am also a fully qualified pharmacist. I chose this career because I want to help others; this is my passion. From a young age I helped my father at his community pharmacy when I could barely see over the counter, to qualifying and becoming the pharmacist there. It has always been a joy of mine to help people and be able to give advice through my work. Since having my own little bundle of joy, it quickly became apparent that sleep was KEY for my family and I to be happy and enjoy these precious early years together.

This is where my interest in sleep started!

I can relate, as a mother, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights! My first success was my own son. From sleeping like an ‘angel’ to waking in the night multiple times, to needing us on the floor in his room, to co-sleeping. Having tried different self-help techniques and endless googling, I made a change and used gentle and responsive methods to have him sleeping through the night again.

Knowing how good it feels to have sleep and a restful HAPPY baby, was what pushed me into making this change for my family and becoming a sleep consultant for children.

While I continue to be a pharmacist, it showed me that I can still help others, helping families get the sleep they all need and deserve. So I trained with Lucy Shrimpton, one of the world’s leading child sleep experts, and the Sleep Nanny Academy.

Are you ready to help your Little One(s) have better sleep? My goal is to help you and your family get back to sleeping well again so you can enjoy these precious early years together!

All babies and children deserve the chance to have the best start in life and this all starts with SLEEP!

So that’s my story.

What’s yours?

I would love to hear from you and see if I can help you and your family.

Here’s to sleep tight nights.

Dipna x