Hey I'm Ciara Lappin

Certified Sleep Consultant - Northern Ireland

Hi my name is Ciara Lappin, and I am a mother of two, Clodagh and Finn, in a previous life I was a teacher for 10 years but after having my two children I wanted something different.

When my daughter Clodagh was born, I got some great sleep advice which I followed, this helped Clodagh become a super star sleeper and was doing a good 8 hour stretch even though she was breastfeed from 4 weeks old. Breastfeed babies don’t sleep as well as formula feed babies, is a total myth by the way. So, my obsession with sleep and finding out more about it was born.

Unfortunately, not long after the birth of my son Clodagh decided sleep was optional as did my very unsettled new-born due to feeding issues caused by a tongue tie. Anyway, after one too many nights laying on my daughter’s floor trying to help her back to sleep post C-section and dealing with night feeds. Something had to give before I did!!

So, we made the decision to hire a sleep consultant. Just a few days into the process and I was very glad we did, within a few days Clodagh was sleeping through the night again. Once Finn’s feeding issues were under control, we applied the same gentle sleep shaping principles we had done with Clodagh and by 8 weeks Finn was doing 8 hour stretches at night. No cry it out in sight!

That was it, I had to do it, so I decided to become a sleep consultant. After much research I found the Sleep Nanny Academy and just loved their approach to working with children and families to improve sleep not only for the little one who isn’t sleeping but the whole family.

I want to bring the change working on Clodagh’s sleep did for me and my family to other families. Clodagh was better rested and happier as was the rest of my family.

When it comes to teaching your little one to sleep, I believe in an individual sleep training approach that works for the whole family. Just like acquiring any new skill your little one learning to sleep is not a linear process, there are twists and turns that are foreseen that impact on sleep like sicknesses, teething and stages in their development and unforeseen sometimes poor sleep seems to just come out of nowhere and you are not quite sure what is impacting on their sleep. You can be assured there will be a reason you just need to investigate and find out why. Once you know the why the rest becomes a lot easier and a plan can be formulated and put into action to solve whatever the issue is e.g. poor napping, multiple night waking etc. The plan can also change and evolve to meet needs that arise through the sleep training process.

I work towards providing all my clients with tailored sleep advice to solve whatever the current sleep issue is, but also equip my clients with the knowledge and skills to keep their little one’s sleep on track and deal with any and all sleep issues that may arise in the future. When working with me it is a partnership, you bring the in-depth knowledge of your little one, I bring the knowledge to improve your little ones sleep and with my guidance and support and your input we solve the issues your little one is having.