Hey I'm Cheryl Rosa

Certified Sleep Consultant - Canada & Worldwide

I am a busy mom and was tired of being exhausted all the time. Clearly I needed to make a change. I wanted to have more energy and patience to be the mom I wished to be for my family. So don’t worry I have been where you are now. I sleep trained both of my daughters, and believe me it works!!

My goal is to give you the confidence and skills to reclaim a restorative night sleep for you and your family. The best part about being a sleep consultant is getting to know your family and little ones so that you feel listened to and supported.

It is proven that well rested children learn better and pay attention longer.  I love to empower parents with the knowledge to get their children & babies sleeping through the night.

I’m providing parents free 30-minute calls to help them get some sleep once again. By doing this, I will be able to determine your family’s needs precisely and design a program specifically for you.

I anticipate hearing from you.

Thank you