Hey I'm Beth Bayliss

Certified Sleep Consultant - UK

Hi, I am Beth a loving mother to two little ones and a Certified Gentle Infant and Child Sleep Consultant.

I use gentle and responsive sleep methods that are guaranteed to work and in a short space of time. I create bespoke sleep plans making sure these are suitable for your families lifestyle and achieving your sleep goals for your little one. Working with a Sleep Consultant is working as a partnership and going on this journey together. I will provide you with all the tools, confidence, guidance and knowledge. When we finish together you will have a sleeping child and a much happier family! You will feel confident with any future issues that may appear, such as teething and sickness and you will know how to deal with these without your little ones sleep being too impacted.

Sleep deprivation is like a form of torture and so many parents just think that when you have a baby this is their new way of life. To feel like they cannot function everyday and feel in a constant haze. I can reassure you this is not the case and a good sleeper should be normalised.

With my son (my first child) I used to be told how lucky I was he was such a good sleeper. I did sleep shaping with him from a young age and by 12 weeks he was sleeping through the night. I used to believe this was down to luck. However, when I had my second, I also implemented sleep shaping and again she slept through from an early age. After studying to become a sleep expert and being a mum myself, I now know sleep is not down to luck. It is a skill that can be taught and why wait to teach your little one this life changing skill any longer?