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Certified Sleep Consultant - UK

To all sleep deprived parents,

When my son was born I didn’t quite realise the impact that sleep deprivation would have on my mental and physical health. My husband and I attended antenatal classes and felt so prepared for his arrival – until we didn’t sleep! For months!  So after battling with frequent night wakes and night feeds well into his 9th month, I decided it was time to take action! I sleep trained our son and can honestly say it was life changing! What a difference it made! He was sleeping through the night with no milk overnight within a few days!

So, for all of those exhausted parents out there, I’m here to tell you, I’ve been there and do not worry! There is a solution…

Hi, I’m Becky. I am a certified infant and child sleep coach here to help you overcome sleep deprivation and get your evenings back!  After working as a Supply Chain Director for a well known supermarket for 13 years, I decided to take action with my career and do something where I could help other families that are in the same position that I was in when my son came along. My ultimate goal is to demonstrate the value of good sleep and help families in need. Sleep really is the key to being able to thrive and function in life.

The service I provide includes an in depth consultation call to understand your challenges, followed by a bespoke sleep plan for your child. All plans then have varying levels of follow up support. Book in a free 45 minute discovery call now if you are experiencing any of the following and let’s work together to put a solution in place:

– night wakes
– feeding through the night
– co-sleeping
– getting rid of the dummy
– trouble settling at bedtime and/or naps
– naps and day structures
– early morning waking
– cat-napping
– stalling at bedtime & getting out of bed throughout the night
– bed hopping
– night terrors

Do not underestimate the value of good sleep for you and your baby. Let’s chat now 🙂 

Becky @thelandofnod

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