Hey I'm Becky Brightman

Senior Consultant - The Midlands

Exhausted? Is the guilt, tiredness and worry that comes with a sleep-deprived household getting you down? I am here to tell you that I have been where you are and I’ve got your back.

Don’t feel guilty about finding this so tough! Sleep deprivation is awful! It’s a leading cause of road traffic accidents and causes so many unnecessary problems for parents, from relationship breakdowns to underperformance at work. Worse still are the feelings of guilt and worry you feel knowing that your little one’s growth and development are being impacted by their own lack of sleep.

Don’t we have enough to worry about as parents without the stress of having a little one that doesn’t sleep? Yes, we do! But there is a solution.

Hi, I’m Becky. I found Sleep Nanny as a sleep-deprived parent, just like you, who was at her limit. At 18 months old, my daughter was taking upwards of two hours to fall asleep (day or night) and was feeding at least three times a night. Sleep Nanny transformed our lives in two short weeks and it was from that point I knew I wanted to help other families experience the same.

Call me and arrange a free 45-minute evaluation call to discuss any of the following: frequent night waking, feeding through the night, fighting sleep, nap avoidance, early morning waking, serial cat-napping, bedtime avoidance, frequently getting out of bed, co-sleeping, ditching the dummy, night terrors.

I offer a range of bespoke services that are completely tailored to your family and your situation.

There are many challenges that come with parenting. Sleep should not be one of them! Take control back of your life and start your sleep coaching journey today!