Sylvia Emokpae

Child Behavioural Expert

Mother of two tornado boys and dedicated Sleep Training Coach

About Sylvia

As a first-time mother, I discovered the joys and challenges of parenthood, grappling with exhaustion and guilt. Inspired by the 2020 lockdown, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through blogging, learning to balance expectations and embracing my whole parenting journey with more positivity.

My mission focuses on a crucial aspect of well-being: sleep. Having personally battled sleep deprivation, I turned to a sleep expert to transform my son’s sleep habits. This gave me the confidence to help my son long-term, not just with his sleep, but with my entire parenting approach. This experience drove me to become a Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant!

Today, as a Certified Partner of the Sleep Nanny, I provide customised sleep solutions for babies and tired parents. I am committed to exceeding your sleep goals, offering compassionate support, and helping families thrive.

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From waking 3+ times a night to sleeping through.

Sylvia was very informative right from the start, she was able to put mine and husband’s mind at ease with any concerns we had with starting the programme and answered all of our questions with confidence. The beginning of the course was very tough emotionally and Sylvia was always at hand to offer us support and give us encouragement when we needed it most. She praised us for all our efforts, which helped keep us motivated, and gave advice when we had any struggles.

In terms of the actual sleep progress, well we couldn’t believe that our 13month old went from waking 3+ times a night with me breastfeeding him to sleep every time, to now putting him down in his cot and leaving the room immediately and him sleeping through the night on his own! Sylvia’s help has truly been life-changing, I can now go out more as I don’t feel so tired and I don’t dread what the night will hold anymore! I’d definitely recommend her, 100%.

Baby K, 13 months

Mama M

An eye opening and positive experience

We can not express what an eye opening and positive experience it was having Sylvia work with our family! When we found Sylvia, our daughter (Penelope – 8 months old) was sleeping in the bed with my husband and I just so we could find some form of sleep each night. She would not self soothe, naps were erratic, short and she was being held most of the time. We had tried so many different techniques we found on the internet. We were exhausted! We knew we needed help. Sylvia asked all the important questions and learned about Penelope’s personality. She took the time to really explain why Penelope was having those behaviours and provided various ways we could help her. While working with Sylvia our daughter became sick, my husband went out of town and we had some “setbacks”, but Sylvia was wonderful to understand, encourage and adapt the plans to make sure we were successful while showing compassion for our family. She was available to speak with us for video calls and was very responsive to any emails we sent. She took the time to get to know us and set up a step-by-step personalized plan that didn’t make us feel overwhelmed with making these ultimately large changes. She easily adjusted and advised any changes and new techniques as needed. Sylvia was the BEST to work with and it seemed like the process was almost magic. It was truly amazing how quickly Penelope responded to the new routine. Our daughter was sleeping through the night in her own crib within 2 weeks! Sylvia improved the quality of sleep for our entire family!

Baby PJ, 7 months

Mama L

I had tried everything

To say I had tried everything is an understatement. My daughter was not getting the sleep she needed and our whole family was stressed. I began talking with Sylvia-who assured me that she could help my daughter, and our whole family, learn to love sleep. As my daughter was 2, Sylvia worked carefully to ensure that the sleep approach she crafted was appropriate for my daughter’s developmental stage and temperament. With Sylvia’s caring, consistent and positive sleep approach, encouragement and support, my daughter is now happily going to bed, sleeping all night, and waking rested in the morning. My husband and I have our nights back to reconnect as partners. I cannot recommend Sylvia enough. My daughter, my family, and I owe her so much gratitude for helping all of us get our rest so we can be a happier and healthier family.

Baby M, 30 months

Mama A

Michelle was excellent!!

Michelle was excellent!! We had to rock our 5 month old to sleep every time and now we place him down and he can settle himself. His night…

Happy Client

Within just a few days he was sleeping 11+ hours and his nap times had also increased significantly.

Our 11 month old would rarely nap longer than 30 mins at a time and often woke 3 or more times in the night, for extended periods of time. Michelle…

Happy Client

Michelle was really knowledgeable.

Michelle was really knowledgeable. She helped us move our baby into his own room without the stress that we thought we would….

Happy Client

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