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Child Behavioural Expert

Sleep deprivation is rough and you may feel alone and lost. I focus on compassion and togetherness to guide you, beside you.

About Miriam

It’s a pity we’re not taught about sleep in preparation for starting a family because it can make or break you. You may be feeling broken right now, I know I was! Getting help with my daughter’s sleep was the game changer, so now I want to help as many families as possible get back on track.

My aim is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence necessary for helping your child be a champion sleeper, allowing the whole family to get the rest needed to live the life you dream of.

I work closely with you to understand your values and family dynamics to provide bespoke sleep plans that make sense for YOU. Science based and highly responsive, everything is rooted in your love for your little one. How we go about reaching your sleep goals is based around their needs as unique as their laugh.
Then there’s the one to one support to help you see it through and remind you how strong you are no matter how exhausted!

If you’ve had enough of struggling through the haze, let’s work it out together.

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Fast results! I cannot recommend Miriam enough!

Fast results!
I cannot recomm
end Miriam enough! She helped us understand the importance of teaching our daughter how to sleep, and supported us with such compassion. The thought of ‘sleep training’ was so daunting, but as soon as I talked with Miriam she put my mind at rest and everything she suggested was very gentle and calm. I was so shocked at how quickly Lenora responded to her new sleep routine, within 2 nights she was sleeping through. With Miriam’s knowledge and incredible support we went from waking 3-5 times a night to a solid 11-12hours! It’s an absolute life changer! Thanks Miriam for your help and support.

Amelia, mum to Lenora, 6months

Happy Client

Peace at last after over 2 years of bedtime battles!

As a family, we can’t thank Miriam enough for her help. As an individual, I don’t think I’ll ever find the words! I had a terrible sleeper – a 2 and a bit year old who had never slept through. I would spend an hour or more trying to settle him. I was beginning to lose the will to live! Now, he lies down peacefully, sings to himself for a bit and falls asleep on his own, all night. If he wakes, it takes less than a minute to settle him again (I used to be in the nursery for 30-60 mins every time he woke, minimum twice a night). I cannot describe the change it has made to our lives. I am happier, he is calmer and we all have a lot more energy to play! Miriam was brilliant – she listened to my worries and took into account my need to be as gentle as possible. She gave me so much support, and I don’t think I would have got through it all without her. Clare, mum to Seth, 2years

Happy Client

After 18 months of constantly interrupted sleep I am delighted to finally get some rest.

When I first spoke to Miriam, my 18 month old was waking around 5-7 times every night. I was still struggling from post natal depression and the sleep deprivation was exacerbating an already difficult time. Although I had spoken to my health visitor, and everyone else I knew who had had kids, I hadn’t found anything that worked consistently.
Over a series of emails and and calls Miriam helped to devise a personalised plan to help Cody learn to settle himself back to sleep. Her approachable manor and flexibility with contact times was really helpful. The advice was adapted to our personal circumstances and was amended depending on how Cody was doing. After 18 months of constantly interrupted sleep I am delighted to finally get some rest.

Allie, mum to Cody, 18months

Happy Client

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