Louise Jocelyn

Pre/Post Natal Mental Health Coach, Child Behavioural Expert

Hello, I’m Louise, your trusted baby and child sleep coach based in scenic Devon. If you’re a responsive parent struggling with sleep challenges, exhaustion and overwhelm, I’m here to help you.

About Louise

Hello, I’m Louise, a fellow single parent to three bundles of energy.

As a survivor of parenting challenges and sleep deprivation, I know what you’re facing. Having personally navigated the chaos of parenting and sleepless nights, I’ve discovered a way to find balance. My mission is to revolutionize our perspective on sleep deprivation and outdated sleep practices. I firmly believe that every parent, regardless of their situation, deserves quality sleep. It’s not only essential for your well-being but also for optimizing your performance, both as a parent and a professional. So, why not become a master at juggling life’s challenges while enjoying rejuvenating sleep? Let’s explore this journey together

If you’re a responsive parent struggling with sleep challenges, exhaustion and overwhelm, I’m here to help you.

I hold certifications and accreditation as a sleep consultant and beyond my professional role, I’m a dedicated single parent, and I know the struggles of parenting and sleepless nights. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this journey. I’ve faced adversity and navigated the relentless challenges of parenthood, and now, I’m here, ready to provide you with the incredible support you deserve.

Discover the life-changing impact of my sleep coaching services. I truly believe quality sleep is the key to boosting your career and nurturing the parent-child bond, fostering a happier and healthier family life.

My mission goes way beyond sleep – I want to reshape society’s view of sleep deprivation, outdated parenting methods and expectations of working mothers. Imagine a world where sleepless nights and old-school approaches no longer define the norm, where parents like you can seek support on their incredible parenting journey.

Located in Devon, I offer tailored remote services with customizable packages.

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Louise helped me not give up

Louise has helped me gain confidence and helped us achieve our end goal! She kept giving me positive feedback and helped me pick up what the problems were where we were struggling. Now LO knows where her bed is and I’m not so grouchy from being knackered from sharing a bed with her.

The first night my little one slept all night in the cot I knew this was the sign to not give up and keep working and, with Louise helping to get me past the bad nights we had, knowing I had that help brought so much joy and happiness to me. She will go to the stair gate when you say night nighttime or nap time. She will give hints and we have so much more energy and happy wake time together.

Louise helped me not give up and such great positive feedback and helped make me feel stronger as a single mum would absolutely recommend Louise 🙂

Happy Client

He is happier and has more energy.

The biggest challenge was that my baby woke up during the night a few times and didn’t have the ability to sleep by himself and didn’t know how to soothe himself, this programme changed my life massively. He is happier and has more energy. My relationship with my baby is healthier and we have a solid sleep routine, I am so amazed that my baby’s nap and sleeping are so organised. I am not tired any more and I know what time my baby’s nap is so I organise my day. All family sleep without any disturbance

Happy Client

Louise is amazing!

It feels horrible to dread bedtime which should be a quality time but we have definitely improved our mindset around bedtimes.

We sometimes had stressful, violent outbursts which led to huge upset feelings at bedtime or LO would be so tired she just turned silly and giggly and just lost all ability to listen, all a huge frustration for us. We used to dread bedtime as most of the time it didn’t run smoothly at all! Working with Louise has given us the structure we needed and we learnt that LO was very much overtired and not getting the full hours of sleep she needed. We learnt we needed to make the routine a lot earlier than we were doing which was a huge challenge for me as I didn’t think it was possible to have a nice family dinner, some quality time for a game/puzzle, a bath, story and bed before 7 which was when we used to start bedtime but we learnt this could be done and the earlier bedtimes have definitely helped. I also didn’t think LO would like to bath every night as this wasn’t what she was used to but she has enjoyed this.

Things used to be very stressful at bedtime with my husband getting quite angry when LO was past the point of return and getting silly or not listening, if he got angry he would feel quite stressed and poorly for the remainder of the evening and into the next day, these occasions have been reduced which is a real benefit. We have knocked almost an hour off of bedtime which means myself and my husband get more of an evening which is great. We used to go to bed ourselves after LO had finally fallen asleep as we were so drained by the long stressful bedtimes so a huge improvement for us.

Louise is amazing! She is a “normal” approachable person who feels like a life coach, not just a sleep consultant. She was completely understanding of our daughter and it felt like she knew her ways perfectly just from our answers to her questionnaire. Amazing! So friendly and understanding, we have learned a lot from her and will be eternally grateful that we found her. We are already missing our regular chats, thank you!

Happy Client

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