Emma Lambert

Child Behavioural Expert

A baby and child Sleep Consultant, who uses gentle and bespoke solutions, tailored specifically to suit you and your child. I am dedicated to helping families get the sleep that they need…

About Emma

I am a mother of two energetic little boys and have been a fully qualified sleep consultant for 5 years, helping families across the globe end their sleep deprivation.

Having been through the dark journey of severe sleep deprivation and eventually come out the other side, it ignited my passion to train as a sleep consultant and help other desperate parents, so that they can enjoy life with their families again.

When you are in a fog of sleep depravity, to say everything is emotionally overwhelming is an understatement, and it can leave you feeling completely hopeless.

It does not need to be that way. My methods are gentle and individually tailored to suit your child. I do not use ‘cry it out’. We will work together to achieve the sleep goals that YOU want for your family. I will coach you effectively to achieve the results you desire, whilst also coming from a place of empathy and compassion.

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The difference is amazing! I feel like I’ve got my life back, everyone is happier. Emma is lovely, kind and supporting to work with, Thankyou!

My 5 month old daughter had never slept in a cot, she’d only ever fed to sleep in bed with me, naps were a shambles and I was up most of the night feeding her.

Emma helped us create a clear plan and within a few days things completely turned around- my baby is now taking 2 1.5 hour naps a day in her cot, and sleeping in her cot all night long with just a couple of feeds.

Happy Client

The results speak for themselves.

I really liked Emma’s approach to helping our little boy sleep… it was all about reassuring him and comforting him, letting him know we were there for him, and giving him the skills and independence to learn how to settle back to sleep himself. There was no shutting the door and letting him “cry it out”. The thought of that just didn’t sit right with me.

We have gone from late bedtimes, 2-3 wake ups during the night (for milk), plus only sleeping in the buggy or car… and us generally being really fed up, upset, exhausted from the constant broken nights and nap battles to a 12month old that can now sleep through the night!!!

Happy Client

If you’re considering working with Emma, take this as your sign to do it.

Emma’s advice has been invaluable to us as a family. Her gentle and holistic approach allowed us to train our 9 month old daughter from chaotic co-sleeping to self-settling in her own bedroom and sleeping through most nights.

It was only with the support of Emma that we were able to do this and I can’t recommend her services enough. Her kind and loving approach left us feeling supported and confident in what could have been a very tumultuous time.
Although not without its difficulties, Emma equipped us with the tools and attitude to push through and we are all now much happier and 100% more rested.


Happy Client

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Emma is a Sleep Miracle Worker!! She has been a life saver for us! We cannot believe we now have our evenings back and Freddie is sleeping so well meaning we feel confident he’s getting enough rest to ensure he grows and develops well.

Before we contacted Emma, bedtime for Freddie was taking up to 2 hours each night, meaning one of us was constantly stuck trying desperately to getting him to sleep whilst our poor eldest was stuck on his own amusing himself before bed!

Emma was so patient, understanding and realistic, our plan was split into baby steps so each phase felt achievable. She was there every step of the way for advice and nothing was too much trouble even though part of our plan was over the Christmas break. Now we have a very happy little button who happily settles himself off to sleep each night!

Don’t just think it’ll be OK, it’s just a phase, sleep deprivation is just the worst and can have a really detrimental effect on your own mental health and your ability to cope with even the smallest of challenges! Drop Emma a message today and let her help you turn things around. Thank you Emma! ?

Happy Client

Emma, thank you so much for the support, guidance and help with our son Isaac, we will be forever grateful, no book, or other sources have been anywhere near matching what you have knowledge wise.

Emma promotes ‘soft sleeping techniques’ which was apparent after discussing this in our initial consultation, and that felt more like what we also wanted. She was amazing, was there to support us on calls and with developments in how Isaac was reacting to the changes being made, all of which were so clever.

This made us realise how important it is to just get some professional help and support and that it’s nothing to be ashamed about, after all not all kids are the same and not sleeping does not have to be a thing either!

Within a few nights, we went from five to six wakes to one or two, then eventually to one or none. Isaac also now totally self settles himself and this was from gradually supporting him to do so and Emma’s expert guidance. Emma has really helped restore some hugely needed home zen, given a new lease of life to two parents who were exhausted and are now feeling human again.
The whole family is more settled and happy in the routines at bedtime, so we have no words to describe just how invaluable that is!

Happy Client

Highly recommend Emma’s services.

From around Christmas, when the dreaded 4 month sleep regression hit, our youngest turned into a cat napper, needed a lot of support getting to sleep and would wake a lot at night, especially in the evening.

After coming across Emma on Instagram and having an initial call with her, I knew I needed tailored support with my 5.5 month old sleep and that she could help.

After 3 weeks, we’ve seen a huge difference – evening wake ups are rare, we get long stretches as night and she self-settles. Naps are more successful too. Our consultation period is over but we feel like we have the knowledge and tools to move forward with our little ones sleep as she grows.

Happy Client

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