Elizabeth Renouf

SEN Specialist, Potty Training, Early Years Specialist, Child Behavioural Expert

I am a qualified Sleep Consultant with over 11 years experience working with Children and Families.

About Elizabeth

I’m delighted to introduce myself as Elizabeth, a devoted mother of three and a seasoned
childminder with over 11 years’ experience. My academic background includes a degree in
psychology, which has kindled my fascination with the intricate science behind quality sleep.

My journey in the world of childcare began right after the birth of my first child, and ever since, I have cherished every moment spent working alongside children and their families. I have worked with many children over the years, including multiples and children with special educational needs, a role that has enriched my understanding and skill set.

Helping babies and children settle to sleep is something that has always come naturally to me. I have had numerous parents of children in my care that have been baffled at how well they sleep at my setting. They couldn’t understand how their little ones would settle off to sleep so well with me, when at home they would need to be fed or rocked to sleep for hours. I have given extensive advice over the years to families regarding all aspects of early childhood development and it is a subject I feel very passionate about.

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Her knowledge of childcare and sleep was second to none.

Elizabeth was a dream to work with. Her knowledge of childcare and sleep was second to none.

She really took the time to listen and understand our current constraints & difficulties with our nearly 4 year olds sleeping.

Our daughter needs us to take her to bed and uses us as comfort to fall asleep. She struggles with staying asleep throughout the night and comes to our room at night or one of us end up sleeping with her.

Like many I did not have much hope and thought its too late for sleep training and was nervous about what technique would be offered.

Elizabeth took me through a plan that seemed achievable and feasible. It was not the crying out technique but instead one that was tailored to help both us & our daughter.

We’ve been trying the technique now and can already see a significant change in our daughter being able to fall asleep on her own after we say goodnight to her. She also understands its for her benefit and has not kicked up a fuss.

Although she still comes to our room at night, it has reduced a lot and hopeful that with the recommended routine she will eventually sleep throughout the night/ self soothe.

Elizabeth was always available to provide advice on days where it was not going so great and always shared words of encouragement.

Thank you Elizabeth for being so patient with us and for encouraging us to stick with the schedule and training schedule.

Cannot recommend her enough! ?

Happy Client

We are so pleased that we stuck with her plan, and we eventually got the results we had hoped for.

We are delighted with how well the sleep training went with our 1 year old son.

Elizabeth was very clear with all her instructions, and she was always there when we needed further advice. She was always available to help and us and give us encouragement when we really needed it.

We are so pleased that we stuck with her plan, and we eventually got the results we had hoped for. If I’m honest I wasn’t sure that our son was capable of sleeping through the night, but now he sleeps through every night and myself and my husband can get a full night sleep every night.

We are so grateful to Elizabeth for all her help.

Happy Client

We were amazed by how quickly the sleep training Elizabeth provided us with worked.

We were amazed by how quickly the sleep training Elizabeth provided us with worked.

Our almost 3 year old daughter and 15 month old son are now sleeping in their own rooms all night. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable on sleep training methods, and extremely supportive, providing follow up calls regularly to see how we were getting on, and words of encouragement which really helped me to continue with the training on the first few nights when I found it most difficult.

I would really recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is having difficulty getting their little ones to sleep through the night. A big thank you- we are all sleeping much better now!

Happy Client

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