Emily Adams

Hi, I’m Emily! My mission is to empower you to live your happiest and healthiest lives by prioritising your child’s sleep.

Emily Simpson

Hi, I am mum to 3 beautiful boys, including twins. I am passionate about helping families to overcome sleep challenges in a gentle and responsive way by using bespoke solutions.

Victoria Souter

I am a dedicated sleep consultant, my passion for promoting healthy sleep extends beyond words—I’m committed to transforming restless nights into rejuvenating ones for both tired children and their parents.

Vicky Scott

An expert in Children’s sleep, Children’s nursing and family visiting with extensive experience.

Melanie Hastings

I am a mummy to a lovely little girl. I have 15 years of experience working in Early Years. I have been working with and supporting families. My true passion lies in assisting families in discovering the perfect solutions for their children’s sleep.

Jo Bunting

I am a mum of 1 so far… I have worked with children for around 8 years as a dance teacher . I am very passionate about helping other families by providing them with the right solution that will work for them in responsive and non judgemental way.

Miriam Gray

Sleep deprivation is rough and you may feel alone and lost. I focus on compassion and togetherness to guide you, beside you.

Kerry McGavigan

Hello I am Kerry, a mum of 2 boys. I have over 15 years of experience working with and supporting families in Early Years. I am so passionate about helping families with their little ones sleep challenges, using bespoke gentle and responsive solutions to reach your desired sleep goals.

Elizabeth Renouf

I am a qualified Sleep Consultant with over 11 years experience working with Children and Families.

Becky Brightman

I am a mum of one, who taught in primary schools for ten years before becoming a sleep coach. I am passionate about helping families find the right solutions for them in a responsive and judgment-free way.

Vicky Cooksley

I’m a mum of two, living in a wonderful part of Devon. I love helping families get amazing sleep results, from newborn to 17 years old. I also specialise in sleep methods for children with Anxiety and Additional Needs.

Sylvia Emokpae

Mother of two tornado boys and dedicated Sleep Training Coach