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The Sleep Nanny System: A Parent’s Guide To Creating Sleep Solutions Tailored To YOUR Family

Discover how small shifts can create massive transformations in your sleep, health, and relationships… and it’s all backed by science.

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Literally life changing!

My toddler was waking several times in the night and in the space of a week this has stopped. Not once did I have to leave him to ‘cry it out’ on his own. 100% recommend.


  • Current evidence indicates that chronically disrupted sleep in children and adolescents can lead to problems in cognitive functioning.
  • Research has reported that the US economy can experience up to $411 billion a year loss due to insufficient sleep
  • Drowsy driving causes approximately 1 million crashes, 500,000 injuries, and 8,000 deaths each year in the U.S.
  • Positive parenting involves being responsive and warm toward your child. Research shows that sleep deprived parents show less positive parenting in the hour before their child’s bedtime than caregivers who get more sleep.

Amazing, right?

And if you’re a parent, your sleep is even more important than you think…

The truth is, all those things you want— the cuddles, the close bond, the happy little one who settles without crying…

You want them because you think you’re doing the best for your little one if you have them.

While that might be true, here’s the problem: you can’t give your little one the best of you from a place of exhaustion. Or doubt. Or overwhelm. Or depression.

(You can STILL have all the love and cuddles, by the way.)

So how do you get from here to there?


Think about it: have you ever noticed it’s harder to follow through on simple tasks like preparing a meal, playing with your child, being sociable, or even making time for a workout when you’re feeling tired and low?

When we’re not performing from our peak state, neither are our children.

That means yours and your little one’s sleep needs to be your #1 priority— it’s your duty as a parent.

And, The Sleep Nanny System gives you straightforward, tailored and actionable ways to help your little one from birth through to at least age 7— and it will help YOU too — to get the healthy, nourishing sleep you NEED.

The Sleep Nanny System Shows You How to Harness Healthy Sleep With Proven Positive Parenting Techniques… Tailored To Your Unique Little One

Here’s a peak at what this book will do for you:

  • Help you to identify your child’s temperament and personality even as a young baby.
  • Reveal the science of sleep in young children to give you an understanding as to why they do what they do.
  • Enable you to match up the most suitable sleep training approach (parenting technique) with your child’s personality and your parenting philosophy.
  • Explain the importance of consistency and how this ONE thing could change EVERYTHING
  • Show you how to implement a plan successfully
  • Uncover the importance of your role in your child’s sleep journey
  • Empower you to take action and feel in control
  • Send you on your way feeling confident, with a powerful, customised parenting strategy.

…And, what I share comes from scientific research. That’s right— none of this is simply “feel-good” or “opinion” stuff! These practices work.

In fact, I guarantee if you take even half of this book to heart, you’ll start to see your family’s lives change in ways you never thought possible.

Just pay £7.95 for shipping & handling!

What Parents Are Saying About The Sleep Nanny System: A Parent’s Guide To Creating Sleep Solutions Tailored To YOUR Family

Excellent Principles *****

I have found this book incredible! My 7 and 1/2 month old woke every two hours and needed feeding. After using the principles of this book, she wakes up roughly once or twice a night
If you are at the end of your tether and are willing to change, try this book. The advice is solid and sensible.

Kayley Rayner

Fantastic *****

I haven’t come across anything else on the market like it and think all first time parents and and existing parents alike should consider it essential reading. It’s a lot more reassuring to take advice from a professional who is also a mum and has overcome sleep issues herself and who can understand the emotional side as well. Fab book, thank you xxx

Lucy Blakeway

It Helped Us *****

I really enjoyed this book. I was not happy with our sleep situation and this book helped a lot to change that. The book is also not too thick which makes it easier to read even with two young children!

Deborah M

Saved My Life! *****

Absolutely fantastic book, really easy reading. My son doesn’t sleep through just yet but he was waking every hour and with the help of this book it helped ME to understand where I was going wrong and how to put it right. He now wakes once in the night but what a change in my whole life due to getting more sleep. Very recommended.

Samantha Overment

How to Use This Book for Yourself

This book is designed to give you the information and tools to determine the best strategies for YOU.

I’ve intentionally made this all quick and easy, because if you’re a tired parent with a lot to juggle, then the goal is to stop putting sleep on the back burner and start making changes TONIGHT!

It’s up to you whether to read every page, flip to the sections you feel you need most, or even revisit certain chapters until you feel you’ve really integrated it into your routine.

How to Use This Book For Others

This book is like the gift of sleep…

Once you integrate these practices into your life and see the incredible results they can achieve in your sleep, health, and relationships, you’re going to want others to enjoy these results too.

What better gift than the gift of sleep? For a baby shower or new arrival… Our customers have purchased this book multiple times to pay it forward and transform even more lives.

You can give this book as a gift FOR FREE. Simply enter the address you want it shipped to and we will send it for you!

Available in the UK only. Just pay £7.95 for shipping & handling!

What Parents Are Saying About The Sleep Nanny System: A Parent’s Guide To Creating Sleep Solutions Tailored To YOUR Family

Truly Amazing Lady *****

Fantastic concise book that allows you to read it all immediately and gather the information you need to start work straight away. Doesn’t judge your approach but outlines the options for you to choose what will suit you and your child so you can be consistent and fix the problem you are seeking help with.

Lucy Blakeway

Perfect *****

This is the best baby book I’ve had the pleasure of reading. It’s relatable, common sense, believable, and easy to read. I probably read the whole book in 2 hours. It covers from birth to out of cot to bed transition. It’s written well, easy to understand. Case studies that feel like they are about your baby. This should be handout in hospital to every parent … This is my second baby and I wish I’d had it for number one. I’ve recommended my sister buy it for help with her 3 year old!

Eleanor Milne

Easy To Read For Busy Moms *****

The book is concise and easy to read for busy Mums, I read it in an evening. It is written in a friendly way that is easy to interpret and translate into practice. I started the training method straight away and had some improvements within the first few days.

Caragh Henry

I Loved This Book *****

This book made me feel more confident in my ability to help my baby sleep better.
It is packed full of incredibly useful information and gives you the tools needed to help baby sleep better!

Amazon Customer

Available in the UK only. Just pay £7.95 for shipping & handling!
Hi, I'm Lucy!
I’m a wife, a mother of two and the founder of The Sleep Nanny®

I believe that a healthy and happy life starts with sleep! When I was returning home from hospital with our first baby, I was making calls from the car and running a business. I quickly realised how vital sleep is when this bundle of joy came along.

To me, there is nothing more important than using all the potential you were blessed with and to squeeze every last drop of joy and fulfilment out of the one life you’ve got.

To do that means getting the sleep you need so that you can also give your children the opportunity to become the very best of what they were born for and help them to get the sleep they need too!


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What if I need help implementing what I learn?

You’re in luck, because I have plenty of ways for you to get the help you need! If you’re a tired parent and find yourself wanting more guidance on how to implement what you learn here, or, if you’re excited to learn how YOU could become a sleep consultant yourself, I encourage you to reach out to me on Instagram (@sleepnannyofficial) or send my team an email at

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