Will Things Get Worse Before They Get Better?

Amanda Johnson sought Lucy’s help after 5 years of reading through what felt like an entire library of sleepy self help books, getting guidance from nurses, doctors, other parents and a sleep expert from Poland to no avail. Then they met Lucy, and they asked The Sleep Nanny® to help their little one to get to sleep. Here, Amanda explains how it works from the parent’s perspective, if she had any doubts or fears, and the impact sleep training has had on her life since. (Hint: Amanda has booked a girls night away for the first time since having her little girl 5 years ago!)

Baby Steps

On the first two nights Amanda and her husband were optimistic as early progress was made and the entire family were enjoying the positive changes. Keen to ensure that their expectations were managed, Lucy did advise them that whilst it was common for children to take to sleep training well initially, by the 3rd-5th day it may turn ugly and become more difficult.

With this warning in mind the couple were prepared for the storm that hit on the 3rd day which saw their daughter wake up repeatedly throughout the night, leading to another sleepless night for mum and dad. Amanda comments, ‘It was hard and we got 5 minutes sleep, our first thoughts were ‘It’s not going to work, its been like this 5 years.’ Situations like this would normally see parents abandon the concept of sleep training after a setback, but the next day Amanda made contact with the members group on the weekly group phone call. With the support of both Lucy and other parents in the same situation, Amanda was reassured and regained the confidence to continue with sleep training, helping her to break through the difficult beginners barrier!

‘Knowing what I know now, I would say to another parent – it works, stick with it!’

What impact has sleep training had on Amanda’s life? 

Amanda and her husband admitted they had only had one night out in almost 5 years, Amanda was almost surgically attached to the house and if she wasn’t there it was awful for the person looking after their daughter. Living in a permanent state of exhaustion, Amanda was tired and run down, and her husband was concerned that further sleep training from supposed ‘sleep experts’ was a waste of money, as they had tried techniques from others before with limited success.

Fortunately Amanda saw the difference in The Sleep Nanny®’s approach and knew that working with Lucy would change her family’s life for good. We’re delighted to say that her trust and confidence in Lucy was not misplaced!

By persevering and mastering sleep training techniques, Amanda has seen huge changes to her lifestyle as a result. Amanda’s daughter now goes to bed at 6:30 PM and wakes at 6:30 AM, and best of all- Amanda has now booked a girls’ night out with her friends! As Amanda herself says, ‘The days aren’t painful and I’m a nicer person’ which is a statement I’m sure a lot of us can relate to.

Advice from a Sleep Nanny parent

‘Any doubts are perfectly normal, but go for it. My daughter is very strong willed and smart but this programme works! If you are 100% with it, just keep going, Lucy is very reassuring.’

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