Why Your Two Year Old Doesn’t Want To Nap

It is rare to find a two year old that actually wants to nap.

But at age two, they do still NEED to nap.

So how can we get a two year old nap in the day without it being a big battle of wills?

We need to get into the mind of a two year old and the exciting world they are exploring. Why would you want to stop to take a sleep in the middle of the day?

Also, two year olds have plenty of will-power and will dig their heels in. This is a perfectly healthy demonstration of intelligence as they learn and discover what their boundaries are. Some will accept their boundaries quite quickly while others will push harder.

Either way, you will instil more security and healthy attachment by sticking to the boundaries you set as your toddler will feel safer under the guide of a solid and reliable parent.

Many two year olds stop napping and, over a period of a few months, the night time sleeps begins to deteriorate.

This episode is all about helping your two year old to nap during the day as some sleep is going to be needed for around another year yet!

Watch it here.

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