When Feeding Is The Only Thing That Works!

Many people get stuck finding that feeding is the only thing that works to get their baby to go to sleep or back to sleep. Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing else will work?

It is a very common scenario and how can you move past it if you can’t seem to get your little one to settle in any other way?

This episode of The Sleep Nanny Show will answer this for you in 5 simple steps:

So long as a baby is fed to sleep, this will remain a requirement or a similar alternative may also work. If you are required to do something to your baby to get her to sleep, you will be required every time at every waking in order to resettle too.

If you stop feeding to sleep (or doing the thing you are doing to put your baby to sleep), she will cry. She will do this to tell you that she doesn’t know what to do. So, instead of leaving her there to cry in hope that she might figure out what to do, you can reassure her and gently guide her to show her what to do – After all, settling oneself to sleep is a learned skill.

My approach ensures a baby’s needs are met and they are always responded to. It is HOW they are responded to and making this response conducive to the baby developing more and more ability and skill to settle WITH your support but WITHOUT you doing it for her.


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