Waking Every Few Hours Through The Night


When your baby or young child wakes every hour or two throughout the night, it is unlikely you are snatching much sleep at all for yourself and you NEED your sleep in order to take care of your child. On top of this, your child will not be getting the restorative sleep she needs for her development, immune system and general well-being either.

Some people resign themselves to a belief that babies wake a lot at night and you just have to ‘get through it’ as it won’t be that way forever. But it can be that way for many months or even years with a number of risks to your family’s safety, health and happiness.

If you are ‘surviving’ with a baby over 6 months of age who is waking as frequently as every 1-2 hours through the night, and you are sure there is no medical reason for this, then you can expect a big improvement on this as your little one is capable of a lot more.

This episode looks at the causes of such frequent night wakings beyond the newborn stage, how to gently work on these to reduce the number of wakings and enable your little one to sleep to the best of her ability for her age and developmental readiness.


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