The Solution To Overcome Fear Of Investing – Investing Tips for Mum

Most mums want to feel empowered and do a great job not just as a parent but for themselves too… but as they have children dominating their focus, their visions remain lost in the back of their minds. This results in a feeling of lacking, fulfilment isn’t there, and that woman beyond the ‘mum’ seems to be fading away or screaming to be seen and heard for what she is truly made of. You end up convincing yourself that you just can’t have both, you can’t be a great mum AND achieve the ultimate fulfilment with your dreams or professional goals as well… But that’s NOT true!

I hate seeing mums feel stuck like this. In fact, that’s why I created the Sleep Nanny Academy, so mums can put all that inner wisdom, compassion and skill into a business that they can work entirely around their children and feel empowered generating their own income doing something that makes a huge difference to others!

But after working with literally hundreds of other mums, like you, I know one of the reasons holding them back from stepping into the complete role they were meant for as a business mum and becoming the role model they’re meant to be, is that they fear investing in themselves… or that they don’t know how to convince their husband.

And look, I get it, I really do! Investing in yourself can be scary because deep down you question if you’ve got what it takes to succeed. But I can tell you without a shred of doubt that you DO have what it takes because all mums do! In fact, let me tell you about one of our past students.

Abby was desperate to learn how to help families overcome sleep challenges. She’d been there and felt the pains and strains and was determined to show other parents that they don’t need to suffer. She was on maternity leave so didn’t have much in the way of income and no savings to invest in herself to get the training and start her dream business. So she talked to her husband, the main breadwinner, hoping he would believe in her and help her get started. But, no. He wouldn’t approve of her investment. Why not? Well, he clearly couldn’t have believed in her ability to make an impact and earn that investment back over and over again. We’ve had other applicants for Sleep Nanny Academy come up against the same barrier and let their dreams and ambitions just slip aside. But did Abby leave it there? Nope! She came back to us and said, my husband doesn’t approve but I know I can do this and I’m going to prove it to him. She took out a credit card and signed up right then and there!

One of the reasons why I share this story with you is because Abby was actually fuelled by even more determination to prove herself to her husband that she went on to earn back that investment, pay off her credit card before accumulating ANY interest AND she continues to earn an income while making a big impact every single month!

Now, you might be thinking that this was a fluke but we have countless other students that have done this as well, just like Vicky. She was so keen to enrol in Sleep Nanny Academy but her fear of investing was all about how exactly she would make her money back month after month. She and her husband were the analytical types – they wanted to crunch every number and try to see, on paper, exactly how it would work so that they could feel safely assured that it’s a sensible investment. But that’s not how it works when YOU ARE your business. We can show you plenty of examples of graduates who have gone on to do incredibly well and generate life-changing financial success in their businesses but you can’t forecast that by crunching numbers. The only way you can make that happen is by believing in yourself and committing to doing it!

Luckily for Vicky, her husband’s belief in her was stronger than his fear and he stopped with the number crunching and over-analysing and he encouraged her to go for her dreams. She did!

What you need to realise is that Abby and Vicky are no different from you! They weren’t born with anything that you don’t have. The only thing that separates them from you, is that they didn’t let fear control the outcome of their life. They trusted and believed in their abilities, in their instincts that this was the right thing to do for them and for their family.

So if you’re ready to unleash all that you’re keeping locked inside – I have a special treat for you – to help you overcome any fear of investing in yourself, take my completely free, zero-cost introductory training on how to become a confident and trusted sleep consultant and find out BEFORE investing, if you believe in yourself to do this. Test yourself!
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