Sleep Training Truths – How To Know If Sleep Training Is For You

Are you scared about sleep training? You’ve heard people say it’s amazing and you’ve heard people say that it’s awful. That’s left you completely confused as to whether or not it’s the right thing to do. But what you’re looking at are opinions and not science. Your situation is unique to you and it can only be something that you decide.

So is sleep training right for you?

Well, let me ask you this: Is your little one sleeping as well as you’d like them to be? Are you happy with your little one’s sleep? Because if you are then you’re probably not somebody who’d be reading this in the first place. And you don’t need to sleep train, because if it’s all going well, then you’re very lucky and that’s amazing. And you probably don’t need to do anything.

But if you know that your little one could be sleeping a lot better and if you’re concerned about the effects of not getting great sleep and the impact that it will have on your child and on you, then the next question I’m going to ask you is – are you in that case prepared to chance it? Are you prepared to just risk it and see how bad the damage might be? Are you prepared to risk problems that can crop up later in life because your child didn’t get healthy sleep when they were little?

Not getting enough sleep as a child can lead to lots of health-related problems later on in life. So by not helping your little one sleep the very best that they can, it could be setting them up for problems in the future.

And then the next question to ask yourself is – are you the kind of person who will just accept whatever life throws at them? Or are you the kind of person who likes to take control of your life and your future, and who likes to decide what that’s going to look like rather than just accept whatever comes your way?

By answering these questions, you’re going to determine whether you are more passive or proactive. And sleep training your little one is something that a proactive parent would do.

For example, let me tell you about little Charlotte. She was three and a half years old when her dad reached out to me. And she was ruling the roost to the point that she was throwing big bedtime tantrums because she didn’t know how to sleep properly. And it was exhausting, every single day. The parents had absolutely no evening. Their older daughter didn’t get much time or attention from them. It was just all about little Charlotte.

When we had a chat about a possible plan and how we could best support them, the family weren’t sure what to do and they were worried. They wanted to do some work on the garden and they were going to be purchasing a hot tub. And actually, they came back to me after one more bad night and decided that the hot tub can wait. Charlotte’s sleep was way more important. And within a matter of days, we completely turned Charlotte’s sleep around so that she was going to bed happily. She was settling peacefully and she was sleeping all the way through the night. It was life-changing for them. And the parents were talking to me about how they’re closer now because they can spend time together. They get to spend time with their other daughter as well because their youngest one isn’t dominating all their time and attention with all this negative energy. So it had turned around completely.

Another dad reached out to me because they were on the brink of divorce. And he said that if they didn’t get things sorted out, that he knew the next step was divorce (which is way more expensive than a sleep training program). And again, it was absolutely life-changing.

But I don’t want you to wait until things are that bad. It doesn’t need to get that bad. And in fact, if you take action sooner, it’s a lot easier to fix.

So is sleep training for you? Well, again, let’s just recap. What do you need to ask yourself?

Are you happy with your little one’s sleep? Because if you’re not then sleep training is likely the best possible answer for you.

Are you prepared to take a chance and just see what impact the damage does have on you, your child, your health, and your future?

Are you prepared to take that chance or do you want to make sure that you’re setting your little one up for the healthiest, brightest, most successful future possible?

Are you proactive or are you passive? Are you going to take whatever comes at you or are you going to take control?

Those are the only questions you need to ask yourself. And to get you started, I want to help you out right now at absolutely no cost. So if you’re proactive, here is a little test for you.

I want to share with you the Sweet Dreams sleep series. It’s a three-part video series and it’s going to help you, right now at no cost. Because if you can’t even commit and take this free training to help you and your family, then you’re not going to be committed to a sleep training program. So take the free one first, show yourself that you’re committed. Get yourself in there and I’ll see you inside.

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