Sleep Training Not Working?

The number one question with any training or program is ‘will it work for me?’ 

When you set out to achieve something, it doesn’t matter how highly regarded the expert is or how many success stories you’ve read. You could be all set up with the best coaching, the most powerful tools and the most proven strategy there is BUT, if your mindset is not right, it won’t work for you, period.

There are a number of mindset factors that come into play and we address all of these in our training but in this video I focus on two key areas.

Beliefs and Self Sabotage. 

If you have beliefs that come from perhaps, your childbirth experience, trauma, your own childhood or simply the circles you connect with, those beliefs are likely to control your ability to make choices and perform the actions required to reach your goals.

So, if I were to tell you exactly what you need to do to get your baby to sleep through the night but you’re holding onto a belief that makes you think you have to hold your baby in your arms until they fall asleep, we’re not going to make progress

It won’t work for you. But it’s not IT that isn’t working, it’s you that either doesn’t want to do the work or you’re holding on tight to a belief that doesn’t allow you to do the work.

The second mindset factor is self sabotage. The easiest way to to get ourselves off the hook when our beliefs are holding us back is to self sabotage.

Often completely unconsciously, our brains will send signals around our bodies to keep us safe in our comfort zones creating more false and limiting beliefs, you know, the ones we call reasons, (i.e. excuses). We are so strongly wired to let fear rule the show that we will actually use more energy sabotaging ourselves than it would take to work through limiting beliefs and do what’s required to achieve what we desire!

So why won’t sleep training work for you?

Sleep training will not work for you if you do not address your beliefs right at the start. You can do this on your own or with our programs, we do it as part of the process because, if your mindset is not in the right place, you’re not going to implement the strategy.

Success is 80% mindset and only 20% strategy

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