Sleep Training Is Nonsense!

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Learning to fall asleep is just that – a learned skill – it is something we actively teach our babies to do whether you realise it or not.

How much effort do you put into teaching your toddler to walk? Maybe you feel the back pain, or maybe you barely notice it but either way, you DO teach them! They watch you as you demonstrate and guide them without even knowing it. In fact, most things we teach our children are through example.

So why do some folks feel like teaching a baby to sleep is so terrible?

I just don’t get it.

Why is helping your little one to develop an absolutely essential skill in life and giving them all the added health, cognitive, and learning benefits, seen as such a terrible thing?

Whatever you choose to call it sleep training is sleep training.

If you intentionally take action steps to help your little one sleep better, it’s sleep training. Some people try to lure you in with suggestions that sleep training is bad but their solution is wonderful – their solution is still sleep training – just like us, they promote a kind, responsive and loving approach, but it’s still sleep training!

I’d rather call it what it is and acknowledge that it is a force for good.

So if you’re happy with how your little one sleeps, excellent and if you’re not, that’s okay, most of us aren’t! Whatever you do, shoot for the best possible scenario for you and your family.

For this reason, sleep training is wise.

Just like any learning or training, why would you deprive your child of sleep when he or she COULD be sleeping so much better. I am so passionate about this which is why I get frustrated when people try to create fear in parents about sleep training like it is something bad based on old ideas and methods that are so out-dated they are irrelevant. 

Modern-day, healthy sleep training that is responsive its not only safe but it is the kindest most responsible thing you can do for your little one.

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