Sleep Talking with Lucy Piper

sleep talking with the sleep nanny podcast picture

This week I am ‘Sleep Talking’ with friend of mine and TV presenter Lucy Piper. Lucy and I met working on The Baby Show which she has presented for 16 years, and she has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of pregnancy, labour and becoming a mum.

Lucy loves all things baby and has a lot of empathy and admiration for all new mums.

Lucy is mum of 2 to Phoebe, age 14 and Charlie who is 10.

On this episode we talk about all sorts including…

  • The upside of the lock-down.
  • Children settling at bedtime and the importance of routine
  • How children’s personalities can affect sleep.

Lucy and I really could talk ALL DAY but we have captured the best bits for you! Check out this episode now.

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